Situational Awareness

The AT-802U performs exceptionally well in an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance role at low altitudes. Its retractable L3 Wescam MX-15Di sensor turret system and optional Compact Multi-Channel Data Link (CMDL) system allows commanders to see the battle space in real time. CMDL is ROVER compatible and allows transmission of live video feed to other aircraft, air operations centers, or joint terminal attack controllers on the ground.

The 2-man AT-802U crew commands a level of situational awareness that unmanned aircraft, with “soda straw” sensor views, simply cannot match. NVG compatible lighting permits unconstrained AT-802U night ops. Ample fuselage and wing space for integration of sensors, datalinks and weapon systems make the AT-802U an ideal communications gateway platform for instant command and control with ground forces or other air assets.

Massive fuel tanks and the very efficient Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F turbine engine allow for mission durations of 10 hours. The cockpit-forward payload area is configurable for a mission-extending fuselage fuel tank. Additionally, drop tanks can be added to wing/fuselage hard points to further extend loiter time.