2019 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference Coverage

The formidable AT-802U strike/ISR turboprop airplane returns to SOFIC 2019 showcasing its multi-mission suitability for the special operator’s mission requirements: agile, lethal, survivable, affordable and interoperable.

SOFIC 2019 attendees have the opportunity to examine the AT-802U’s tandem seat cockpit and interoperable flight systems. A variety of sensors and munitions are mounted on the aircraft, including RF emitter targeting system and precision-guided 2.75-inch rocketsRaytheon MTS-A Multi-Spectral Targeting System, Dillon-Aero .50 cal. gun, FN Herstal gun pod, AGM-114 Hellfire rockets, and a GBU-12 for good measure.

Aptly described as a strike/ISR platform, the AT-802U has the versatility and performance attributes to fulfill all operational phases of Dynamic Targeting – find, fix, target, engage and assess (F2T2EA).


2019 SOFIC Media Stream


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Sunny day one of SOFIC, and the AT-802U is hard to miss. #SOFIC #at802u #NDIA #airtractor

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2018 SOFIC Media Stream

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