AT-802L Longsword™ in USAF Light Attack Experiment

OA-X 802L Guns-Munitions OA-X 802L Side View Flying OA-X 802L Takeoff USAF Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein with OA-X 802L US Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson inspecting the OA-X 802L

Photos used with permission of L3 Aerospace Systems.

In 2017, the AT-802L Longsword™ was one of only four aircraft that met rigorous U.S. Air Force criteria required to participate in the Light Attack Experiment (OA-X) at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. This places the AT-802L in a unique category of platforms that can support partner nations.

USAF stated goals of OA-X included:

  • Lower operating costs of counter-terrorism operations, perform close air support and other missions while operating in permissive environments.
  • Minimize the use of front line fighters.
  • Create partner capacity in nations.

The Office of Strategic Development Planning and Experimentation (SDPE) conducted the Light Attack Experiment (OA-X) to evaluate the military utility of various non-developmental, light-attack platforms.

AT-802L Longsword flew a total of 41 sorties with six different USAF Test Pilots. The sorties evaluated the airplane’s performance capabilities, flying-handling qualities, acoustic and Infrared (IR) signatures.

Light Attack Experiment Results Summary

  • AT-802L Longsword had the greatest payload and endurance of any turboprop participant.
  • Test pilots found the AT-802L maneuverable and easy to fly.
  • Recognized capability as a weapons platform with very simple logistics.
  • Exceeded Contractor Owned – Contractor Operated standards.
  • Exceeded Manufacturing Readiness standards.