Proven Airframe

802U: Platform for the AT-802L Longsword™

L3 Aerospace Systems chose the AT-802U as the foundation for its AT-802L Longsword™ because AT-802 series aircraft are among the strongest, most reliable airplanes in history. The AT- 802U airframe and engine combination have logged 2.5+ million flight hours primarily in rugged, austere conditions.

For border patrol and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) attack missions, the AT-802L is an inconspicuous platform with special mission sensor payloads.

In a strike-ISR mission configuration, the AT-802L has an 8+ hour loiter time with 10 hard points available, including 500 pound (227 kg) class weapons.

The versatility of the AT-802U airframe allows outfitting the airplane for remote resupply as a fuel hauler to forward operators from unimproved dirt airstrips.