A strong, reliable, survivable airplane.

The AT-802U is built to help an aircrew walk away from high-energy ground impacts. With more than a combined 2.5 million flight hours already flown in AT-802 series aircraft, it has proven to be an extremely safe airplane, and when required, a survivable airplane.

Armor Protection

Ballistic glass windshields and windows, cockpit and engine armor, separated, self-sealing fuel lines and fuel tanks with emergency fuel dump.

Reinforced Cockpit

Energy-absorbing steel tube frame and a cockpit roll cage structure capable of supporting full aircraft weight.

Resilient Landing Gear

Large 30-inch tires, eight piston brakes and heavy spring steel landing gear.

Heavy Lift Wings

Rugged, large area wings with an extremely strong wing spar.

Fuel Jettison

Rapid fuel dump capability.

Aircrew Airbags

AmSafe inflatable 5-point harness and airbags.

Mounting Provisions

Mounting provisions for optional AN/AAR-47 and AN/ALE-47 countermeasure system, or other systems as desired.

Dual Controls

Flight, power, fuel controls and instruments in both front and rear cockpit